Beaded Weft Extensions

Braidless Beaded Weft Extensions

Lets start off with a guide to hair terms.

Hand tied weft/extensions- This is what we call the weft with the hair hand tied (knotted) to the main length on thread. It appears as a thin veil of hair. These veils of hair can be layered to create dimensional color and have a light weight feel. It is not recommended to cut the ends of this hair where it its sewn to the beads because the hair will unravel. 
Machine tied weft/extensions- Hair is sewn onto the length on thread via machine therefore securing the hair and allowing it not to shed. It is a thicker portion of hair will add loads of volume and length in just 3 rows. This hair can also be cut at the ends or split in half at the seam to create a more hand sewn veil look or be applied in the hidden bead method. It is more durable than hand tied.

Hand sewn- The method used to apply the weft to the client's hair.

Beaded row extensions- This refers to the weft being sewn to a layer of the clients hair that has been gathered into micro ponytails via silicone lined beads that protect the client's natural hair from damage. 

Weft extensions off a ton of length and volume in just 2 to 3 rows of hair. Sturdy aluminum beads create the foundation on the scalp to sew the wefts on to. We exclusively use Blu Smart Tools beads that have proven time and time again to be the longest lasting beads on the market. 

The benefit of this method is that you can reuse the hair for 9-12 months. It is the more affordable for initial cost and maintenance than I-tips or K-tips. And you get a ton of length and volume from one bundle of hair.

This method is not recommended for clients with thin hair because the wefts are more visible when your hair is pulled back or up. However, we can combine the weft with the k-tip method for custom coverage. This method requires a 30 minute move up appointment every 4-6 weeks. The hair must be washed in sections and completely dried after. Depending on the placement patterns certain hair styles are not suggested as you'll see the extensions. It is also not recommended for clients to swim or have active lifestyles. 
The wefts can be installed in a hidden bead method which allows for more styling options.

Bellami volume weft hair extensions with 120 grams of hair start at $835. Your total cost will be determined after a consultation and it will include your Bellami Professional hair, installation service, hair cut, and style. Extensions brush, at home products, 4-6 week move up appointment, and removal are separate. Move up appointment ranges from $50 to $100 depending on how well the roots have been maintained and the amount of hair. We recommend using Matrix and Wet Brush products. It is suggested to book your move up and removal appointment the day of your install. Concierge service in the Tampa area is available . Follow the Instagram page @tampahairextensions for travel dates to Miami and other cities in Florida.