Why I only use BELLAMI hair

After 16 years in the industry dealing with the inconsistent quality of hair and bonds I was thrilled to find Bellami Professional Hair! 

What makes Bellami different from the rest?

Bellami Hair has their own international hair factory which allows them to control the manufacturing process from start to finish, ensuring the highest quality hair possible. The hair is ethically sourced, 100% cuticle intact Remy virgin hair, and double drawn for full density root to tip.

The hair is ethically sourced from an area on the Asia/Russia border where unlike in India the donors are paid directly for their hair. The hair is naturally light brown in color. Bellami uses a non damaging approach to lightening hair for their blonde shades. The hair is soaked in natural oils and lightened by the sun. Darker hair colors are achieved using gentle textile dyes.

Remy hair means that the hair was gathered in a certain method. Hair has a natural direction to it. There is a root side and an end side and the cuticle layer on the outside of the hair always faces downward. Non-remy hair is hair that was gathered with some hair oriented in the right direction, and some hair oriented in the wrong direction. This is why non-remy hair is more likely to get frizzy, tangled, and damaged; when you brush it, you’re brushing against the cuticle layer of the upside-down hairs, making them more likely to break or tangle. Bellami is gathered with the cuticle intact, in the right direction, making their hair as tangle free as possible. 

The result is top quality, healthy, luscious, and dense hair extensions that comes in an award winning array of colors ready to wear by you!