I-tips, versatile and reusable

Bellami I-Tip extensions are installed in the same strand-by-strand application method as k-tips but without using heat or glue. Application is achieve by threading each I-tip and a strand of the client’s hair into looping tool, through an aluminum bead and is then attached by clamping the bead to the clients hair. We exclusively use Blu Smart Tools high quality aluminum beads with protective silicone lining which is the most gentle on hair.

The Bellami I-tip is partially made of the same naturally occurring protein found in your hair and a silicone additive that helps to create a protective coating for your natural hair strands. The strands are meticulously applied to freshly cleansed hair to ensure that your extensions do not slip out and will last for 3-4 months. These extensions are designed to hold up to excessive sweat from exercise, swimming, and root color touch ups making this method one of the most resilient one available. This method also gives you options for styling your hair in formal arrangements and high ponytails. 

This method is not recommended for guests with fine hair as the beads may be detectable with certain hair styles. It is however recommended for a hybrid application with custom sized k-tips for add volume and length in the back of the scalp. 

A key benefit to I-tip hair is that the hair can be reused for 9 to 12 months depending on at home care. Length of wear for install depends on your preference. It is recommended after the install to come in for a move up appointment which will reset the amount of time your hair can stay in. This will extend your 3 month wear period to 4-6 months. 

The ideal hair extensions candidate has medium to heavy density hair that is at minimum shoulder length. If your hair is shorter than shoulder length I would only recommend using 16 inch hair and a heavily layered cut to achieve a natural look.  

Bellami I-tip hair extensions with 75 grams of hair start at $1320. Your total cost will be determined after a consultation and it will include your Bellami Professional hair, installation service, hair cut, and style. Extensions brush, at home products, 4-6 week move up appointment, and removal are separate. Move up appointment ranges from $75 to $250 depending on how well the roots have been maintained and the amount of hair. We recommend using Matrix and Wet Brush products. It is suggested to book your move up and removal appointment the day of your install. Concierge service in the Tampa area is available . Follow the Instagram page @tampahairextensions for travel dates to Miami and other cities in Florida.

Custom color combination to add depth 

After the second install

Beads lay flat on the scalp